Amazon Attribution

­­­­Amazon Attribution enables you to measure the impact of search, social, display, email, and video media channels based on how consumers discover, research, and buy your products on Amazon. This measurement solution tool provides brands selling on Amazon with a sales performance analysis across media channels off the platform. With reporting on-demand, Amazon Attribution provides advertisers and brands with the insights needed to optimize their media campaigns and increase product sales. According to Amazon, the attribution model also provides insights into how individual marketing tactics add to a brand’s consumer shopping activity on the platform.

Conversion Metrics Include:

  • Amazon detail page views
  • Purchase rate
  • CTR
  • Add to cart
  • Sales

Amazon Attribution Eligibility Requirements

  • US Amazon vendor with active vendor code or codes
  • Brand registered US Amazon seller and owner
  • Advertising in channels outside of Amazon

Amazon Attribution is found within the Demand Side Platform console. If you do not have an advertising account and want to sign up check out By using existing Seller Central credentials, you can also automatically link to your campaign manager.

Attribution allows reporting of both orders and revenue for traffic off Amazon. Traffic brought directly to Amazon can be measured as well as traffic to a site that will later convert on Amazon. Traffic can be measured from almost any source. These sources include Impressions for rich media and paid social channels such as Facebook and Instagram.

Unique tracking templates can be created through orders and line items for performance reporting. Sellers can create attribution tags that can be directly placed in their ads. Parameters within the URL that captures data measures the attributions upon an ad click.

Creating Tags

  1. Create an order in your advertising account.
  2. Assign as many ASINs as you want.
  3. Name line item.
  4. Select publisher and insert URL to the product being advertised.
    • Up to 100 publishers to choose from.
  5. Once saved copy URL tag to use in advertising for each publisher.
    • Ensures accurate reporting for the ad.


By leveraging Amazon Attribution, you can quickly optimize your brand strategy investment and generate a greater ROI for your business. Amazon Attribution enables brands with the opportunity to create multi-channel marketing campaigns with more aggressive advertising off the platform to increase traffic and sales.

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