Amazon Manage Your Experiments Beta

Recently Amazon announced a new feature called Manage Your Experiments or MYE in Seller Central. With MYE you can test marketing strategies when creating A+ content for your listings based on statistics. The new tool enables you to test content at the same time and the test results are then displayed in a dashboard that is simple and easy to understand. A/B testing allows you to compare two content versions to see which one your customers respond better to.

Manage Your Experiments – Break Down

  • You can create a second version of A+ content for product detail pages.
  • Customers visiting your detail page will see one version of your content either A or B.
  • After a few weeks of data have been gathered, Amazon will display performance data from the two pages.
  • After the experiments have ended performance insights will be provided by Amazon.
  • Utilizing the gathered data, you can publish the highest converting version A or B.

Added Learning

  • Included in this new feature is the Experiments Learning Center. This feature helps sellers amplify full use of the Manage Your Experiments tool which includes tips and training to help develop data-driven A+ content strategies.


  • Manage Your Experiments is in Beta and not available to all.
  • In Brand Registry you must have the Brand Representative role and have an eligible ASIN.
  • All eligible ASIN’s must have A+ content that has been published and belongs to your brand and high traffic.


Amazon’s new Manage Your Experiments feature helps sellers on the platform create high converting A+ content through data gathered from performing A/B tests. A+ Content can be tested simultaneously to see what your customers are gravitating towards and test results are conveniently displayed on a dashboard that is simple and easy to understand.

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