Amazon Beta Program

Amazon is launching a new beta program for virtual bundling. This program is made exclusively for sellers on Seller Central. There will be no additional fees to join the program however, you must be in FBA or FBA Onsite. This beta program looks, feels and acts like a regular product and is treated the same in search.

Sellers can only bundle up to 5 ASINs at a time. These products must be Brand Registered in the same account to be bundled and they must be different ASINs.

What are Product Bundles?

  • Virtual ASINs where 2-5 ASINs are included and customers can buy them all from the same detail page as a single product.
  • Fulfillment and delivery will remain separate.

ASIN Eligibility

Requirements for ASINs to be eligible for being added to a Product Bundle during the Beta:

  • Only ASINs that are Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA), including FBA Onsite, are eligible to be included in Product Bundles.
  • Product Bundles can only be created with products that belong to brands that you own and have registered in the Amazon Brand Registry.
  • Currently, Product Bundles can be created only in the US.

Search and Discoverability

When Amazon consumers are browsing through the site your Bundle ASIN will be discoverable in the categories and sub-categories of the ASIN you assign as ‘main component’. Amazon recommends treating the Bundle ASINs as any other new ASIN you introduce and to provide similar marketing treatment to these ASINs. Bundle ASINs are currently not eligible for Sponsored Products, but Amazon is working on this capability.

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