Year in Review: Amazon Brand Analytics

Sellers on the Amazon marketplace sold $200 billion worth of products in 2019. The Amazon marketplace is so large if it were its own country it would rank as the 50th largest economy in the world. In our next few posts, we will dive into the 2019 year in review recently published by Marketplace Pulse. With that said, let’s jump right into it starting with Amazon Brand Analytics.

Brand Analytics

Launched in 2019, Brand Analytics enabled third-party marketplace sellers who registered with Brand Registry to make data-informed decisions. Previously, this data was available to vendors using the Amazon Retail Analytics (ARA) in Vendor Central with an annual subscription starting at $30,000 and is now a free benefit. As defined in the Amazon Brand Registry Terms of Use, today, the ABA Service is provided by the applicable Amazon Contracting Party and any of its applicable Affiliates.

Amazon Search Terms Report

  • This report identifies the top search terms that shoppers use on Amazon and the top three products that customers clicked on after searching that term. This report also includes the top three products, click share and conversion share.

Market Basket Analysis Report

  • This report shows the top three products purchased at the same time as the brand’s products.

Item Comparison and Alternate Purchase Behavior Report

  • This report shows the five products that shoppers most frequently viewed during the same day as the brand’s products and the top five products a shopper most frequently purchased instead of the brand’s product on the day that they saw them.

Demographics Report

  • Includes age, household income, education, gender, and marital status.

Amazon Attribution Report

  • This report measures sales and marketing impact across media channels off Amazon.


Amazon Brand Analytics provides brands with valuable insights to understand competitors, customers, and Amazon as a whole. The search terms report provides transparency into what most shoppers on Amazon are looking for and which products convert best. This data comes in handy when launching new products as well as to how to better advertise on Amazon.

Make sure to stay tuned there is still much more to come. Next week we will continue our deep dive into the 2019 year in review with Unbranded Search.

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