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Ryan Faist

Ryan Faist, Channel Key
February 28, 2023

The Buy Box plays a strategic part for sellers on Amazon. In many instances, the Buy Box is the point where many customers begin adding items to their shopping carts leading to an increase in sales for some sellers. The Buy Box can be thought of as your final e-commerce sales funnel. Sellers are constantly competing to win the Buy Box because they want their product to be selected when customers click “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart”.

Buy Box Percentage

Amazon does have an algorithm set in place to determine which sellers of a certain product will be represented in the Buy Box. Typically, Amazon rotates the winners of the Buy Box and each seller is given a share of the Buy Box based on multiple variables. In most cases for popular selling items, sellers need to share the Buy Box.

To win the Buy Box sellers must ensure that their listings are eligible. You must have a professional selling account and meet specific performance metrics which include low Order Defect Rate (ODR), customer shopping experience, and length of time selling as well as other variables.

The Buy Box percentage can be found under Amazon Seller Central Business Reports. You have the option to see data by date or ASIN. Sellers can use the Buy Box to strategize new pricing decisions. When doing this it is best to look at each individual ASIN. This allows you to review the Buy Box percentage for any of your items. This is the percentage of page views where the Buy Box appeared on the page for customers to add your product to their cart. The Buy Box percentage will only tell you if your product will be purchased by a customer who clicked the Buy Box when they viewed the product page.

Your Buy Box percentage can be lowered when the product is out of stock, the Buy Box resulted in the customer purchasing from another seller, or your product not being available for purchase using the Buy Box.

It is important to competitively price your items in line with the current market price and your competition. Another important factor to keep in mind is your inventory stock. Amazon prefers listings that are in stock for guaranteed fast delivery. It is critical to keep your account healthy and consistently maintain the required performance metrics as it pertains to customer service and shipping orders. Poor metrics will ultimately end up in you losing your Buy Box eligibility.


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