Year in Review: Unbranded Search on Amazon

According to Marketplace Pulse, more than three-quarters of Amazon searches are unbranded. Consumers are seeking generic products rather than name brands and 78% of keyword searches done on Amazon are unbranded.

  • As reported by Marketplace pulse, most popular search terms by volume were analyzed and represented an estimated 64% of all Amazon search volume.
  • Search terms of specific brand names or products were counted as branded.
    • Example- A brand name like “Apple” or a specific product like “iPhone”.
    • 78% of the top 100,000 search terms didn’t include a brand.
    • Popular search terms are more likely to be branded.
    • 74% of the top 10,000 and 68% of the top 1,000 search terms include a brand name.

Brandless searching highlights need-based shopping and is also, for example, the reason why AmazonBasics batteries are best sellers. By shoppers including a brand name in their search, competitors can bid on that keyword through Amazon advertising.  As a result, products from other brands are included in the search results in the form of sponsored products.


Most keyword searches done on Amazon in 2019 were unbranded. Instead of asking for brands specifically, shoppers are searching by product. Search keywords highlighted how Amazon consumer shopping behavior has changed shifting from a brand-driven world to a needs-based decision process.

We aren’t done yet, there is still much more to come. Next week we will continue our deep dive into the 2019 year in review with Counterfeit Listings on Amazon.

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