Channel Key Transitions to a Fully Remote Company

Ryan Faist

Ryan Faist, Channel Key
February 28, 2023

Channel Key, LLC is excited to announce that we have transitioned to a fully remote company. Our channel management marketplace agency employs e-commerce professionals from around the U.S. and has established an offshore support team in the Philippines.

Channel Key began piloting remote work options in 2019, allowing employees to work from home two days a week. In March, we were forced to close our offices to comply with a state-wide lockdown in response to COVID-19.

“We’d been discussing the benefits and logistics of working remotely for some time,” said Dan Brownsher, President, CEO, and Co-Founder of Channel Key. “The pandemic accelerated this discussion. Instead of viewing the Nevada stay-at-home order as a setback, we decided to turn it into an opportunity to improve the company.”

The Channel Key leadership team established a remote infrastructure and developed new company policies designed to not only facilitate a seamless transition, but also improve internal communication, strengthen company culture and values, and ultimately provide better service for clients. The company utilizes Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Office 365 and other cloud services to support our new remote protocols, which include structured daily and weekly virtual meetings to ensure transparency and coordination among employees who now work in various time zones.

As a fully remote company, Channel Key has expanded our talent pool to recruit the most skilled and experienced e-commerce professionals from around the world. In July, the company hired a new Chief Operating Officer, Ryan Rollo, along with a Marketing Coordinator, Corporate Marketing Content Manager, and Assistant Strategic Brand Manager.

“COVID-19 has redefined the role of e-commerce,” said Brownsher. “To succeed, businesses need to adapt to a changing world, and that includes Channel Key. As an e-commerce agency, it’s imperative that we lead by example to help brands anticipate and identify new shifts in consumer trends, as well as develop effective strategies to help them adapt successfully in a COVID era.”

 About Channel Key

Channel Key is a full-service channel management marketplace consulting agency that works with leading retail brands from around the world. Complete 360-degree services include marketplace strategies, content development, marketing and advertising, catalog management, marketplace and fulfillment setup, ongoing consulting, and more. For additional information, contact us today for a free consultation.

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