The Ultimate Guide to Revamp Your E-commerce Business in 2020

Alteration to your online business is needed to stay up to date with modernization within the E-commerce industry. Keep your community of consumers happy with these must-know tips and ideas to reinvent your E-commerce business in 2020.


  • It’s never a bad idea to conduct market research. In fact, conducting market research helps businesses strengthen their position and minimize investment risk. Well-informed decisions can then be made regarding your business and strategically planned and implemented.


  • By offering a small number of relevant products that will resonate with your consumer base, you can eliminate customer confusion. Sometimes too many product selections can be overwhelming for shoppers and can ultimately add negative effects to the overall customer shopping experience.


  • To really succeed, you will have to experiment. Take into consideration neighboring product categories that have a high probability of attracting new customers. This may also enhance the overall shopping experience for existing customers and entice their buying decisions.


  • Launching new E-commerce sites can be a great idea for testing new pricing structures and product catalogs and overall brand design.


  • Implementing influencer marketing for your online business is a great way to reinforce your social strategy. Quickly improve brand awareness and build trust with your community by enhancing your content strategy. Influencers can reach your target audience and provide incredible value.


  • Most consumers are unsure of exactly what they want when visiting an online store. Often prospecting customers have an idea of what they want but aren’t necessarily 100% on exactly what product they will purchase. By guiding the customer through the selling experience, you can help them seamlessly find products that better fit their needs.


  • Retailers of all shapes, sizes, products, and categories are increasing the number of customizable products being sold. Customizable products add personalization for shoppers. Typically, customers will pay more for items unique to their interests.


  • Consider exploring alternatives to improve your store search results. These alternatives can include new product optimized search engines. Utilize filtering options that are structured to how your customer base will browse.


  • Create and launch new search result campaigns based on category list pages that offer filters with multiple sorting. Utilize and enable an “add to cart” button next to each product on those pages. Artificial intelligence or AI can also be used to drive upsells and cross-sells. Data collected by machine learning intelligence can be used to predict consumer behaviors. This allows you to forecast and plan the next best product to display to your customers. There are a few AI-powered product recommendation tools that are available.
  • AI tools help you create a unique online shopping experience for your visitors so that you can make more sales. Below are a few examples of some great personalization tools that can help your E-commerce business excel.
    • OptinMonster- Allows you to create:
      • Personalized exit-intent popups to help you recover lost revenue from shopping cart abandonment
      • Floating headers to promote your flash sales and deals, with countdown timers personalized to each visitor
      • Coupons and other lead generation offers, which are based on visitor behavior, so you can convert hesitant shoppers into email subscribers for future email marketing.
    • Monetate- Is known as one of the best E-commerce personalization tools:
      • offers intelligent customer segmentation, personalization, and individualized product recommendations. This allows retailers to personalize in a range of ways, including personalizing for everyone.
    • Barilliance- Offers personalization throughout the customer journey:
      • As well as online personalization and product recommendations, it includes cart abandonment and customer retention tools. Barilliance also includes live shopping notifications and It promises a 5-minute setup process.
    • Evergage- Track visitor behavior on your site and mobile apps:
      • Offer the right products, messages, and incentives at the right time. Like other E-commerce personalization platforms, Evergage also lets you personalize content and product recommendations so you can boost engagement, sales, and ROI.


  • In addition to offering standard debit and credit card payment options, testing out new payment methods can be appealing to shoppers and influence their buying decisions at checkout. Consider utilizing hosted payment platforms. Some of these platforms include Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, and PayPal. Another option to consider for payment are financing platforms like Quadpay and Klarna.


  • Add a Q&A section to your E-commerce site to list common shopper queries. This will drive conversions, boost organic search traffic, and help customers make informed choices, which will lower returns.


  • Use social media to connect and interact with your community. Leverage multiple social media platforms to create a virtual event space for your customers. In 2020 social media can be used as a free way to communicate directly with your target audience and grow your brand awareness. Want to learn more about growing a loyal customer base and building your online community? Click here.


  • Nowadays everyone is on their phones. Ensure that your E-commerce site is mobile friendly with fast loading times and is accurately displaying between desktop and laptop computers as well as mobile devices and tablets. 
  • Utilize mobile to increase your visibility. The best pro about having a mobile-friendly website is that you can reach a wider audience. Responsive websites make online shopping and sharing simple and visitors are more likely to share on their social platforms.


  • Apps are a great way to create and build a community. Building a mobile app for your business mainly impacts customer loyalty. A mobile app allows a business to directly communicate with its customers. In-app purchases, ads, and promotions have a powerful impact on customers.




  • Find new and innovative ways to connect with your customers after they have made a purchase. This will add value to their shopping experience and hopefully keep them coming back. It’s as simple as sending a follow up thank you email or a coupon for their next purchase.


  • Your goal should always be to continue to better understand your customers. Incorporate personalization to build out content that your customers will connect with and respond to. 


  • Subscriptions can be a great way to secure future business. The subscription business model is based on the idea of selling a product or service to receive monthly or yearly recurring subscription revenue. This model focuses on customer retention over customer acquisition.


  • Ensure your site is packed full of high-quality product photos. A great product image on your site will help shoppers make decisions on whether to place an order. Product images also tell the consumer what they can expect. Having great product visuals will boost engagement and interaction as well as sales. Here are a few things to keep in mind:
    • Show all necessary viewing angles
    • Have at least one close-up image
    • Show shoppers a photo for each color or style you offer for a product
    • Give the shopper a way to zoom in on any part of your products


In conclusion, getting a bit more innovative with your online business is never a bad option. If your goal is to stay up to date with modernization and increase your sales, then a healthy innovative strategy is necessary. There are a plethora of tips and tools to help elevate your business and build brand awareness. Things within the E-commerce industry are steadily changing, so make sure you stay one step ahead of the competition.

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