How Hayabusa 6x-ed Their Sales On Amazon

Mike Zetlow

Mike Zetlow, Channel Key
February 28, 2023

Hayabusa is a mixed martial arts brand who prides themselves on extensively researched and innovative products to enhance performance and safety in the sport. They are well known in the industry for their cutting edge material that bring some of the most popular boxing gloves, gis and compression in the MMA arena.


  • Selling to Amazon 1P and Resellers and had no control over retail pricing or content on Amazon Detail pages
  • Catalogue was mismanaged and not organized properly
  • No ability to quickly launch new products
  • Lack of internal resources and Amazon knowledge to run and align the business for growth
  • Catalogue was not fully available on Amazon


  • Converted business distribution from 1P wholesale and Resellers to 3P Direct to Consumer business
  • Spun up FBA/Seller Fulfilled Hybrid program for Prime access and ease of distribution
  • Provided infrastructure to systematically launch new products quickly to the marketplace
  • Entered 10 core products into the Channel Key Jumpstart Program completely revamping imagery and copy taking into account Keyword research to optimize for SERP on top terms
  • Policed marketplace and surfaced unapproved resellers and MAP pricing violators


  • Increased sales YoY by 603%
  • Doubled net margin profitability of business taking advantage of retail vs wholesale margins
  • Average buy box % grew from 12.86% to 27.57%
  • Drove 39.33% of sales from sponsored products at a 9.40% Acos
  • Increased SERP for search term MMA Shin Guards from Page 2, Slot 28 to Page 1, Slot 17
  • Increased E-conversion rate from .63% to 2.43%

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