How We Helped Dammit Dolls Decrease Ad Spend To Increase Profitability

Mike Zetlow

Mike Zetlow, Channel Key
February 28, 2023

Dammit Dolls is a brand of stress relief dolls, toys, and gifts featuring a wide array of designs across over 70 SKUs that they have been selling on Amazon for over 3 years.


  • High advertising spend and ACoS was leading to unprofitable sales
  • Reducing advertising spend without reducing sales to improve the profitability of the account
  • Constantly changing catalog with new products coming in every month
  • YoY account growth had slowed


  • Restructured Sponsored Product Ads and Sponsored Brand campaigns for greater control of each product and keyword
  • Created campaigns focused on owning branded traffic while blocking competitive brands
  • Identified and reduced ad spend in historically low performing keywords
  • Provided image guidance to promote greater conversion rates
  • Advertising was able to identify fast selling products that we were able to convert into top selling listings
  • Created promotions to incentivize customers to increase their cart sizes


  • Conversion rates improved from 15.56% in Q4 2016 to 21.66% in Q4 2017 – a 28.16% increase YoY
  • Reduced advertising spend in Q4 2017 by 60% vs 2016
  • Grew Q4 Sales in 2017 by 2.5% versus 2016
  • Average Units per Order went up 4% YoY
  • Maintained an ACoS of below 10% for the past 9 months
  • Increased sales in 2018 by 30% YoY

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