How We Revamped Therafirm’s 2000 SKU Catalog To 10x Sales

Mike Zetlow

Mike Zetlow, Channel Key
February 28, 2023

“Channel Key has been an instrumental partner in helping us develop and execute our Amazon Direct to Consumer Strategy. They have a tremendous of knowledge and expertise that has helped us navigate the complex nature of selling on Amazon and we now have a fast growing and profitable business that we can control.”

— EVP of Marketing & E-Commerce


Therafirm, a leading medical and consumer compression-wear manufacturer owns 8 brands and was using a wholesale/reseller model to fill their presence on the Amazon marketplace.

This model presented many challenges with an overarching theme of lack of control when it came to content, images, descriptions and pricing that did not represent Therafirm appropriately. This path was leaving pricing, content and marketing of their brand up to their resellers.

The overall result was catalog not being represented in its most true fashion.


  • Created 3rd Party Amazon Therafirm Storefront to go Direct to Consumer
  • Trained Therafirm Ops team and Implemented the use of FBA Program in January 2017
  • Channel Key revamped content for over 2,000 SKU catalog which included:
    • Titles
    • Bullet Points
    • Descriptions
    • Images
  • Implemented Amazon Sponsored Ads
  • Successfully achieved Brand Registry for 8 of brands
  • Developed a focus on removing Resellers on the Therafirm Listings
  • Implemented Sales Accelerator to boost conversions on select items to launch them into the Amazon Space


  • Monthly sales have increased 1000% in 12 months and continue to grow
  • Drove 27% of sales from sponsored products at a 21.90% ACoS
  • Increased # of impressions from 24,237 to 141,636
  • Generated 334 seller reviews and 161 product reviews in 10 months
  • 4 products rank on the 1st page SERP for primary search terms

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