6 Hacks to Improve Your Amazon Customer Experience for the Holidays

It’s 2019 and we’re living in the digital age. Online retailers are feeling the motivation to take advantage of not only traffic but also all the sales and revenue opportunities.

This means that your customers are interacting with your business through the web and Amazon is dominating the online marketplace. Amazon is a customer-focused platform and is typically a customer’s first touchpoint with a brands product. Consumers around the world are taking full advantage of the platform.

Whether it’s through social media, ads or your website, in this day in age consumers are using more convenient ways to connect. The upside to Amazon is that they make it possible for retailers to leverage its success for their own business. If you are ready to sell on Amazon or already a seller, it’s good to know the basics. To become a successful seller, your main priority must be to please Amazon Customers.

The big question here is, how can you create a more positive customer experience on Amazon? Here at Channel Key we are dedicated to helping your business grow and we know how to win on Amazon, so without further ado here are 6 hacks to improve your Amazon customer experience for the holidays.

Customer Reviews

1. Get more reviews

  • Buyers on Amazon respond to positive reviews. Online shoppers gravitate towards products that have a trustworthy amount of reviews. The more reviews you have the better! They are extremely important, and they can be the final deciding factor for a sale.

2. Resolve Negative Reviews

  • When you see negative feedback, the best thing to do is relax and find a solution to fix the problem. Figure out who is accountable and take immediate action to improve the customer’s shopping experience.
    1. If the negative feedback is about the Amazon FBA service such as late delivery, a ticket can be filed, and it will be removed by Amazon.
    2. If the customer complaint is in the seller feedback section and it does not have anything to do with your business, you have the option to file a ticket through Amazon seller support and ask if they can remove the feedback due to irrelevance.
    3. If you receive a complaint about your seller performance, you can reach out to the buyer directly and let them know that you are understanding, you appreciate their business and are willing to do something to make up for the inconvenience.

3. Competitive Shopping

  • Amazon sellers must offer a competitive shopping experience. As a seller, you must maintain inventory levels, monitor your product inventory and manage stocked items.
    1. Quick delivery that is accurately labeled and counted is needed to manage and maintain your inventory.
    2. Accuracy translates to the customer that your business is efficient with its order fulfillment process and has a great impact on the availability of orders for new arrivals. It’s important to fulfill the order accurately and successfully. Deliver the right products in the right quantities every time. This is important so that you do not lose repeat orders.

4. Win the Buy Box

  • If you are not using FBA and you want to win the Buy Box, you need to provide an amazing customer experience and effective Amazon pricing. 82% of all sales on Amazon occur through the Buy Box, so the odds of winning if you are not in it are slim to none. Amazon considers multiple factors in deciding which sellers win a share of the Buy Box. At Channel Key, we examine those factors when adjusting your price. The result is more Buy Box and sales at higher profit margins.

5. Return Process

  • Offering a process for returns is very necessary to your success, so this needs to be of a high standard. An easy to follow and efficient returns process will leave an everlasting impression and help you gain customer trust for future purchases.

6. Amazon Favors Good Service

  • Stores that offer the best service are preferred. High customer satisfaction means a higher ranking on the platform which means higher conversion rates.


We hope that this post gave you some insight and a clear understanding of how you can improve your customer experience on the Amazon platform this holiday season. If you need help maximizing revenue and profit this holiday season, have any questions or would like additional information, please reach out to one of our Channel Key consultants.

In conclusion, Amazon is the place to be this holiday season. If you are a seller that wants to reach an enormous number of consumers, the Amazon marketplace is a game changer! To be a successful seller, maintaining a positive customer shopping experience is imperative. At Channel Key, our number one goal is to grow your business and we are always here to help. We have a full team of Amazon experts and have more than 30+ years of combined marketplace experience. To learn more contact [email protected] or click here

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