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Hayabusa is a manufacturer and retailer of mixed martial arts apparel and equipment. Meaning “peregrine falcon” in Japanese, Hayabusa sought to be the premier provider of Team Hayabusa-sponsored equipment worldwide. Despite having their own online storefront, Hayabusa wanted a better way to get its product out in the market without relying on resellers who would move their product outside of Hayabusa’s suggested pricing.

Enter Channel Key.  Channel Key’s turnkey marketing solutions not only helped Hayabusa get its catalog onto Amazon but also helped to increase Haybusa’s year-over-year sales by 603%. By going direct to consumer via a 3rd Party Seller Central Storefront, they doubled their gross dollar % on every transaction vs a traditional wholesale model.

Amazon is the undisputed leader in online sales. Owning 44 percent of all American online sales in 2017 and four percent of the total US sales, a company needs to understand how to sell on Amazon if it wants to be able to succeed in e-commerce.

The problem with succeeding on Amazon is not just simply getting your catalogue uploaded to the platform as Amazon has a relatively simple barrier to entry. The trick to Amazon success is finding a way to stand out amongst it’s over 2 million third-party sellers and 500+ Million product listings.

Many new Amazon sellers end up failing in their first months. Overwhelmed with product listings, customer service, and order fulfillment requirements, loads of sellers end up being banned from the platform or frustrated with their profiles – ultimately abandoning them. Even if one were able to successfully post their products on Amazon, they would still need to know how to drive traffic,  maximize conversion rates, win the buybox, and use social media and external links – such as the brand’s website – to maximum effect.

In a marketplace that seeks to be the “supermarket of everything,” you will undoubtedly have to compete for consumer dollars where a virtually unlimited number of sellers – including your supplier – can sell the same product in the same space at the same time. Unless your product is truly unique and you control your product distribution, succeeding on Amazon means daily management, optimization, data consumption and a well thought out strategy.

With a full team of Amazon experts and more than 30+ years of combined marketplace experience, Channel Key has the resources to help you develop your marketplace strategy and execute that strategy toward expanding your brand on Amazon. Regardless of if you choose to be a first-party vendor or a third-party merchant, outsourcing the management of your Amazon business to Channel Key means you will have the industry’s leader in outsourcing solutions working to help make your business a success.

If your goal is to increase your sales, you’ll need a pathfinder to guide you on your journey. Channel Key can help you find the way toward stronger sales and a healthier return-on-investment. To learn more about how your Amazon strategy can be refined contact [email protected] or click here.

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