Rowe Industries Had 2 Million Pounds Of Scrap Rubber. We Helped Them Sell It On Amazon.

Mike Zetlow

Mike Zetlow, Channel Key
February 28, 2023

Rowe is a manufacturer in West Virginia that uses 2 million pounds of excess scrap rubber to make products useful around the home, garage, and boat dock.


  • Rowe had a 2 million pound pile of scrap rubber with manufacturing capabilities in the US and needed to monetize.
  • Started 3P Seller Central account and had only 4 products doing around $5k/month in Sales
  • Lack of internal resources and Amazon knowledge to run and align the business for growth
  • No access to Prime shoppers
  • No ability to systematically identify additional winning products on Amazon that they could manufacture
  • Didn’t have a brand to leverage for customer acquisition and continuity


  • Entered all 4 products into our JumpStart Program completely revamping imagery and copy taking into account Keyword research to optimize for SERP on top terms
  • Researched marketplace surfacing 18 new product opportunities that Channel Key launched in 2017
  • Spun up FBA program solution to leverage Prime badge
  • Created comprehensive Sponsored Products and Headline Search Ad campaign strategies from scratch optimizing for Non-Branded search terms
  • Executed logo creation and obtained Brand Registry


  • Monthly sales have increased 1000% in 12 months and continue to grow
  • Drove 27% of sales from sponsored products at a 21.90% ACoS
  • Increased # of impressions from 24,237 to 141,636
  • Generated 334 seller reviews and 161 product reviews in 10 months
  • 4 products rank on the 1st page SERP for primary search terms

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