Why You Should be Using Enhanced Brand Content

As Amazon evolves and more sellers arrive increasing competition, we have naturally seen the costs to advertise increase. From higher cost-per-clicks to lower average selling prices, it’s becoming harder and harder to drive profitable sales in multiple categories. Enhanced Brand Content is a great tool to counter this trend by making your products stand out from the rest with the only cost currently being on your end to develop content.

Where and How is Enhanced Brand Content Displayed? 

As with all Amazon content, Enhanced Brand Content displays on both desktop and mobile devices, but one has a distinct benefit over the other. Unlike the desktop, mobile devices feature Enhanced Brand Content as the 2nd piece of content a potential buyer will see putting it front and center if they venture past the Add to Cart button.

Although mobile has the advantage from a visibility perspective it can’t match the visual aspect that desktop devices have. When viewing Enhanced Brand Content on a standard desktop you’re able to see the formatted columns and images the way you want to where mobile devices are required to stack and alter the format taking away from your visual branding. This optimized layout lets you tell your story about the product or brand in a clean, aesthetically appealing way.

How Do I Get Started?

First things first, EBC is only available for brands that are actively enrolled in Brand Registry 2.0, which requires an active principal trademark with the USPTO. Once you’ve activated Brand Registry for your trademark you’re good to go.

Simply navigate to Advertising > Enhanced Brand Content inside of your Seller Central account and get started. Depending on the category, you will have to submit EBC at either the parent or child level so if you have a large catalog and you have to submit them by child it’ll take time.

What Can I Do with Enhanced Brand Content?

The options are nearly endless when it comes to customizing Enhanced Brand Content pages. Pick and choose from 13 different modules to come up with the ideal display for your products. Modules range from a comparison chart that can feature up to 5 products to a simple image with text overlay. As you’re building your EBC we recommend also utilizing the Alt-Text fields for each image to improve your visibility in searches, so you don’t lose out on valuable terms that may be included in an image.

In true Amazon fashion, Enhanced Brand Content continues to evolve. What started off as a 4-template offering has evolved into a fully modular system and even recently has expanded into Video. With Enhanced Brand Content Videos, you’re given the opportunity to display 1 video per product directly in the image gallery above the fold. Utilize this section to highlight testimonials, product benefits, or even a branded video if you have an engaging story.

So, What Are the Results?

Based on our own internal data and Amazon’s, we see on average a 5% uplift in conversion rates when Enhanced Brand Content is uploaded to a Product Detail Page. This will naturally vary by category, price point, and item type as most things on Amazon do. Additionally, Enhanced Brand Content can cut down on customer questions, decrease returns, and improve reviews by clearly setting expectations with customers.

Find out more about how Enhanced Brand Content can increase sales while elevating your brand from our experienced team by emailing [email protected].

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