Negative Reviews – Best Practices

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As a seller on Amazon, you will inevitably run into negative reviews. Responding to negative reviews on Amazon is important. Burdensome customers need to be quickly dealt with and carefully nurtured. These customers can be influential to how well your products sell on the platform. Active shoppers tend to use reviews as a purchasing guide [...]

An Intro to Customer Loyalty

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At the core of any thriving brand are loyal repeat customers. The complexity of retaining customers can be difficult while also seeking to attract new customers. The competition is fierce, and competitors are waiting for you to drop the ball. Creating innovative customer engagement strategies that can easily be implemented and effectively drive business is [...]

Amazon Launchpad

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What is Amazon Launchpad? The Amazon Launchpad is a program that was created in 2015 to support entrepreneurs and brand owners helping them grow their businesses by providing education, marketing, insights, and global infrastructure to help showcase new and emerging products to millions of Amazon customers. Primary Attributes Onboarding Guidance: Once your brand's application has [...]

Amazon Brand Registry

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Brand Protection: Brand Registry helps you protect your registered trademarks on Amazon and create a reliable and trustworthy experience for customers. Amazon's automated protections uses information about your brand to promptly remove suspected infringing or inaccurate content. Enrollment in Amazon Brand Registry provides access to search tools that make the process of finding potential cases [...]

Amazon Beta Program

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Amazon is launching a new beta program for virtual bundling. This program is made exclusively for sellers on Seller Central. There will be no additional fees to join the program however, you must be in FBA or FBA Onsite. This beta program looks, feels and acts like a regular product and is treated the same [...]

Amazon IPI

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Amazon Inventory Performance Index Holiday Success Strategies – Understanding Amazon’s Inventory Performance Index There’s no pretending any longer. The weather’s turning. It’s Fall – and more importantly, it’s also the fourth quarter of your sales calendar. If you haven’t kicked into holiday planning yet, or still need a primer on optimizing your promotions as we [...]

6 Hacks to Improve Your Amazon Customer Experience for the Holidays

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It’s 2019 and we’re living in the digital age. Online retailers are feeling the motivation to take advantage of not only traffic but also all the sales and revenue opportunities. This means that your customers are interacting with your business through the web and Amazon is dominating the online marketplace. Amazon is a customer-focused platform [...]