Holiday Ads Checklist

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Simple Strategies + Quick Fixes for Sales Here we go. We’re now just days away from Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If you’re a seller, you’re anxiously awaiting click-throughs and sales – and possibly wondering if it’s too late to make a change, tweak this or add that. Everyone thinks likes this and the answer: [...]

Holiday Ready Ads

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  A Strategic Checklist for Holiday-Ready Ads that Maximize Sales Santa Claus is not the only one who needs to make a list around this time of year. If you haven’t already realized it. The train has well and truly left the station, and we’re all rattling down the track toward the holidays –the busiest [...]

Vendor Central/Seller Central

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The main difference between Vendor Central and Seller Central is who will sell your products on Amazon. Vendor Central fulfillment is done by Amazon meaning Amazon will buy and resell your products. Seller Central allows you to sell directly to Amazon’s customer base. In this post, we will break down some of the main differences [...]

Amazon A9 – A10 Algorithm

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Amazon Q&A with Channel Key What is Amazon's A9 - A10 Algorithm Amazon SEO is different from Google or Yahoo search engines. Amazon is a buying platform, so this makes it a bit more diverse in certain ways. Understanding Amazon’s search ranking algorithm is essential to becoming a successful seller on the platform. In this [...]

2019 Black Friday/Cyber Monday

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Black Friday/Cyber Monday Tips for Amazon Sellers It’s that time of the year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are right around the corner! Black Friday is the official kick-off to the holiday shopping season. Expert e-commerce retailers are coming out with online doorbuster deals with the early bird specials to attract consumers to their Amazon [...]

Amazon Holiday Success

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Give Your Sales a Real Gift This Holiday Season Simple Ad Strategies for Amazon Holiday Success The leaves are falling, and we can’t ignore it any longer. We’re well and truly into Q4 and that means only one thing: you should be well into holiday sales preparation. As you strategize the do’s and don’ts of [...]