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Tactics for Building Awareness on Amazon

Jojo Mueller, Channel Key

June 10, 2020

Amazon is a wide-open marketplace and your brand is your identity in the marketplace. Today, businesses compete in a global economy. Since there are thousands of businesses or brands that may be similar to yours, how does your brand stand out from the others? Identifying the unique value of your offering is a good start to raising awareness on Amazon. For many successful brands, their value is not just tied to their physical assets. Most brands today create an emotional connection between their customers and their products. The convenience of having your products on Amazon is also helpful in gaining new customers and retaining long-time loyalists to your products.

Brand awareness on the Amazon platform is imperative in growing your business. There are a few different ways to grow awareness of your brand, and Amazon provides a few different tools to assist with this. These tools are especially helpful if your product is in a somewhat saturated market.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an effective tool in gaining organic sales and rankings. Amazon indexes relevant keywords in product titles and bullet points, if your product has strong content and relevant keywords in the title and copy, this will help with higher organic rankings on Amazon, making your product more visible to a shopper.

In addition to quality SEO, sponsored brands ads place ads for your product at the top of the page. 42% of ad spend on Amazon goes to brand awareness. Investing in brand awareness campaigns has the added effect of producing more customers who have not purchased from your brand previously or customers who may be infrequent purchasers.

Sponsored Brand Ads

Sponsored Brand Ads are banner-style ads that allow you to express your brand message using custom copy, brand-specific logos, and products you would like to feature. To utilize Sponsored Brand Ads, your brand will need to have Brand Registry with Amazon. It’s also important to note that before getting started with Sponsored Brand Ads, determine how much you want to spend, what products you want to advertise, and the keywords that you want to target. Utilizing negative keywords helps to reduce excess spending. Negative keywords are words or phrases that will prevent your ad from appearing on Amazon’s search engine results page. Using negative keywords tells Amazon the spaces that you don’t want your ad to show. Usually on a product or in a space that is not likely to drive sales or conversions.

Amazon Brand Store

Another relevant tool to raise brand awareness is creating a brand store. Building a solid Amazon Store for your brand will help drive conversions by creating a space that helps potential customers learn more about your brand. An Amazon Brand Store provides a multiple page experience for customers to learn more about your brand and products. Brand Stores go hand in hand with Sponsored Brand campaigns or ads from other media sources such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Using your brand’s social media presence is a way to drive traffic directly to your listings, this is a strategy that can be quickly implemented. A brand can use their ad or social media post to send customers straight to the desired listing on Amazon.

Once a potential customer lands in your brand store, they can use the store’s navigation tools to learn more about your brand’s history, products, offered categories, and promotions. Utilizing the brand store’s main page to showcase top products and control what shoppers see and how they see it. If you are already using quality marketing materials across other platforms, you can use these same images, videos, and infographics to create a consistent message across every revenue stream.

Product Listings and A Plus Content

Creating strong Brand Awareness does not start and end with Sponsored Brand Ads, and Brand Stores; the product listings will need to be a top priority. A solid product listing utilizes all 7 images and a video, has strong SEO-infused bullet points, and quality A Plus Content. All of these tactics together will help drive customers to your brand, and seeing strong content across platforms also helps build trust with shoppers.

A Plus Content is a feature that enables you, as a brand owner to change the product descriptions of branded products. By using this tool, you can describe your product features in a more complex way by using a unique brand story, enhanced images, and text placements. Adding A Plus Content to your product detail pages can result in higher conversion rates, increased traffic, and increase sales when used effectively.

In order to utilize tools such as brand stores, A Plus Content, and Sponsored Brand Ads, you will need to have Brand Registry within Amazon. Amazon Brand Registry helps protect your brand and your customers by providing a clear and accurate representation of your trademarked brand. To qualify for Amazon Brand Registry, your brand must have a registered active wordmark or image-based trademark. The same mark must appear on your product and packaging.

Tracking Brand Awareness

Amazon offers a tool called Brand Analytics to sellers who are brand registered.  Brand Analytics is a tool that contains valuable insights to make informed, strategic decisions about your product portfolio and marketing /advertising initiatives.

If your brand has enough volume to make the Amazon search term report, you can utilize the report and analyze monthly to see if the numbers are going down thus increasing your rank.

Utilizing Sponsored Brand’s New-To-Brand metrics is also a valuable tool to make sure you are reaching new customers. New-to-Brand metrics determine whether an ad-attributed purchase was made by an existing customer or one buying a brand’s product on Amazon for the first time over the prior year. It is ideal to utilize these metrics to target new terms to garner new customers and find competitors to target and expand your reach.

Incorporating Sponsored Brand Ads, quality keywords, and search engine optimization, paired with a brilliant brand store are some of the strategies that Channel Key can use to elevate brand awareness. Channel Key has the tools, technology, training, and team of experts to help grow your brand awareness on Amazon. Let us do the heavy lifting! If you need assistance increasing your brand awareness on Amazon contact us today for a free consultation with our Channel Key experts. As a full-service channel management agency, we are dedicated to helping you increase your sales.

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