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How to Create Amazon Customer Engagement Email Campaigns to Increase Sales

Ryan Faist

Ryan Faist, Channel Key

September 27, 2021

Engaging with customers helps increase brand loyalty and lifetime customer value. This article explains the benefits and functionality of Amazon’s Manage Your Customer Engagement tool. Knowing how to create and send email campaigns to your customers will unlock greater sales potential for your brand both on and off Amazon.

What is the Manage Your Customer Engagement Tool?

Manage Your Customer Engagement is a free tool that helps brands strengthen customer relationships, amplify new product announcements, and offer exciting promotions to customers. This helps your brand build loyal relationships and increases the visibility of your new products.

Manage Your Customer Engagement is available to registered brands that have an Amazon Store with followers. If your brand is not already registered, visit Amazon Brand Registry to see if you are eligible. Once you have a Store, you can create posts that feature quality content to increase your followers. If you are not the brand owner but believe you fit the criteria for eligibility, Brand Registry might grant you an exception.

The Manage Your Customer Engagement program currently supports new product announcements. This allows you to create and send email campaigns to your Amazon customers from your Seller Central dashboard. Amazon has stated it will add new features to the tool in the future.

Setting Up Amazon Customer Engagement Campaigns

On the Seller Central homepage, hover over the Brands tab and click on the Customer Engagement button. Upon your first login to the tool, you will see a Campaigns screen. When you have Campaigns running, you will see the campaign Title, Status, Start and End Dates, and primary ASIN.

Select Create Campaign and a pop-up will appear where you select the appropriate brand for this campaign. If you have more than one brand, review all the information and select the Create Campaign button.

You will see a screen where you need to enter the information required for your campaign, including: your company branding, ASINs, supporting or lifestyle imagery, and the timing of the email campaign. Add a Title for your campaign (your customers will not see this). Include the product name and ASIN number in the Title to keep your campaigns organized.

Email subject lines are pre-populated for your convenience. The section header is included in the body of the email above your hero ASIN. Amazon does not allow you to edit your email subject line or section header.

Customizing Branding for Amazon Customer Engagement Campaigns

Through Manage Your Customer Engagement, you can customize the branding of your email with the Brand and Layout settings.

  1. Click the grey box to upload your brand logo. Please use JPEG or PNG files. Logos should be in a horizontal format on a transparent background and between 5 to 8 megabytes in size. To crop your ASIN, use the crop slider to increase or decrease the space around your logo. If you want to zoom in on your logo, use the slider. Once you complete this step, your logo will appear in the preview section.
  2. Amazon recommends using a dark background for light logos and a light background for dark logos. To select a background option, hover over the radial button for Dark or Light Background and click your selection.

Promoting Products with Amazon Customer Engagement Campaigns

To populate your email with a new product, navigate to the primary ASIN section. ASINs are considered new based on the date of their first buyable offer. To add an ASIN, type the number in the search box and select Submit. If you would like to select a different ASIN, click the Clear ASIN button and enter the new number for the product you would like to use.

Every email features an ASIN and a supporting image. By default, Amazon will display all supporting images that you have added to your product detail page. You may select any of these product images by clicking the one you would like to use. You may also upload a new supporting image of your own.

To upload your own image, hover over and click the Upload My Own radial button. Use the slider to zoom in or out. You can also move the focus of your image within the square image dimensions. If you change your mind, click the Current Detail Page Images radio button to revert to your supporting images. Amazon’s image moderation team will approve or reject your image within three business days.

Launching Your Amazon Customer Engagement Campaigns

Now it is time to select the delivery window for your campaign. Amazon allows you to select the week in which your campaign starts sending. Your campaign will need to go through image approval and content before it can begin to run, so select a time frame in the future. Your campaign will begin sending on the Monday of the week you select. This ensures you will target and reach the most followers.

Once you select Launch, you will see the “campaign was successfully created banner” across the top of the site. You can track the success of your campaign in your dashboard. Amazon will display the number of opens, clicks, and total emails sent.

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