Amazon announces that Sponsored Brands video is now serving on desktop.

About Sponsored Brands video

With Amazon Sponsored Brands video, you can stand out in desktop and mobile shopping results while helping customers discover your brand and products as they shop on the site. These ads are keyword targeted, cost-per-click, and link customers directly to the product detail page where they can learn more and purchase.


To Get Started

  1. Create a new Sponsored Brands campaign.
  2. Choose “Video” as the ad format.
  3. Upload a video file that meets the requirements.
  4. Select keywords and bids.
  5. Submit campaign for review.


On-screen Text Guidelines

To communicate the product message, Amazon recommends adding on-screen text to videos. To ensure text can be easily read on smaller screen devices Amazon recommends using Helvetica or a similar san-serif font at a minimum size of 80 px. Amazon also recommends displaying the text in white on top of a black bounding box set to 80% opacity. For additional creative guidelines click here.

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