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Amazon Trends and Topics to Watch out for in 2019!

By |2019-02-20T16:29:51-08:00February 20th, 2019|Blog|

It’s hard to believe we’re well past the Q4 craziness and are already halfway through Q1.  With that being said, we thought it appropriate at Channel Key to share some of the big trends and topics we’re monitoring closely for 2019 that will have big impacts on Amazon business’s (positive and negative) in the coming [...]

What’s the Best Amazon Strategy for Brands and Manufacturers – 3P, 1P or Hybrid? UPDATED

By |2020-07-16T20:15:32-07:00December 1st, 2018|Blog|

The only constant with Amazon is change.  Which is why we felt it appropriate to update our view of the ever-present strategy question of: “should I execute an Amazon Vendor, Seller or Hybrid business strategy?”    Right out of the gate, Amazon has consolidated it’s various ad units (AMS, Sponsored Brands, etc.) into a single [...]

How Does Amazon Fit Into Your Online Strategy?

By |2020-07-16T20:09:37-07:00August 21st, 2018|Blog|

Still Not Optimized on the Fastest Growing Shopping Mall on the Planet?  What are you Waiting For!? As Amazon continues its meteoric growth and evolution, brand owners and manufacturers are increasingly faced with the dilemma of deciding if and how to engage with the “everything store.” Amazon owns 5% of all retail sales and 50% [...]

Can Someone Explain Amazon Marketing to Me?

By |2020-07-10T14:11:15-07:00January 15th, 2018|Blog|

Despite resistance to releasing actual numbers, one must suspect that this holiday season has been good for Amazon. Holiday sales this season rose 4.9 percent. That's a rate that hasn't been seen since 2011. On top of that, e-commerce grew by 18.1 percent according to MasterCard SpendingPulse data. Amazon has claimed 43.5 percent of U.S. [...]

What’s the best Amazon Strategy for Brands and Manufacturers – 3P, 1P or Hybrid?

By |2020-07-16T20:56:02-07:00June 22nd, 2017|Blog|

Amazon is on a tear with its Whole Foods acquisition and will continue to change the face of retail for the foreseeable future.  There’s currently an estimated 80+million Prime members and 55% of all product searches are now originating on Amazon according to a 2016 poll conducted by BloomReach Inc. What does this mean for [...]