What is your growth potential on Amazon?

Amazon Marketing & Listing Optimization Tips

Walmart Doubles Down: Free Next Day Shipping

What’s It Mean, What’s the Impact? When Walmart does something, everyone takes notice. Or they should. If you’re a brand or business selling online, it’s critical to watch what’s happening right now – and coming to an internet near you very soon. What are we talking about? Walmart announced a move to free next-day shipping

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Mind Your Store, Ignore The Storm

Why Online Retailers Need to Focus on their Brands, Businesses, and Storefront to Win on Amazon! It’s been a choppy, stormy month that’s left many Amazon retailers out at sea. First, we had the announcement that Amazon would stop – or was immediately stopping – the purchase of products from suppliers and encouraging, if not

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Winning the Amazon Search Bar

Understanding Amazon’s All Powerful A9 Search Algorithm You hear it everywhere. How the best content and optimization strategies can really help brands stand out against online competition. It’s true, they can. But when it comes to the millions of competing brands, businesses and storefronts on Amazon, only one thing drives sales, Amazon’s own A9 algorithm.

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Amazon Trends and Topics to Watch out for in 2019!

It’s hard to believe we’re well past the Q4 craziness and are already halfway through Q1.  With that being said, we thought it appropriate at Channel Key to share some of the big trends and topics we’re monitoring closely for 2019 that will have big impacts on Amazon business’s (positive and negative) in the coming

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How to Leverage Amazon Marketing and Promotions to Drive Business Forward

On Amazon, marketing and promotions are a must. Here’s the deal. While Amazon puts your product in front of millions of potential customers, your product will compete against potentially millions of other Amazon products. Any brand that has a product on Amazon and wants to succeed must leverage marketing and promotions to drive brand and

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Q4 Amazon Planning Strategy

Why Is Q4 Season Important? Our goal at Channel Key is to set up our client’s Amazon business’ to be optimally positioned to achieve their goals. A large part of that success can be controlled with strong proactive Q4 holiday season planning. With Prime Day having already past, customers and sellers on Amazon are looking

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How Does Amazon Fit Into Your Online Strategy?

Still Not Optimized on the Fastest Growing Shopping Mall on the Planet?  What are you Waiting For!? As Amazon continues its meteoric growth and evolution, brand owners and manufacturers are increasingly faced with the dilemma of deciding if and how to engage with the “everything store.” Amazon owns 5% of all retail sales and 50%

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Why You Should be Using Enhanced Brand Content

As Amazon evolves and more sellers arrive increasing competition, we have naturally seen the costs to advertise increase. From higher cost-per-clicks to lower average selling prices, it’s becoming harder and harder to drive profitable sales in multiple categories. Enhanced Brand Content is a great tool to counter this trend by making your products stand out from the rest with

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