What is your growth potential on Amazon?

SNAP DRAPE-Transition from B2B to Direct to Consumer


  • Selling to Amazon Retail and resellers with no control over pricing and content
  • Original and core competency was Business-to-Business with little to no direct-to-consumer experience
  • Move into retail sales while not affecting traditional distribution model
  • Expand their e-commerce presence, but lacked internal resources or knowledge


  • Converted business from Amazon Vendor Central to Seller Central
  • Utilized Channel Key’s Jumpstart program to identify top keywords and an initial Marketing Strategy to improve organic placement
  • Created optimized listings with enhanced titles, bullet points, and descriptions to increase conversion rates
  • Implemented Sponsored Product Ads to increase brand awareness on Amazon
  • Implemented Amazon FBA to take advantage of the Amazon Prime badge and shipping infrastructure
  • Enrolled in Brand Registry to create Enhanced Brand Content & Headline Search Ads optimizing for Branded and Non-Branded search terms
  • Leveraged additional programs Amazon has to offer to expand reach

Since 1973 Snap Drape has been a leader and innovator in commercial event tables and coverings.  Snap Drape offers over 30 products across multiple categories including Home & Kitchen and has been selling on Amazon since 2017.


  • Consistent pricing that doesn’t undercut their existing distributors
  • Reached page 1 of organic search results for 1 of 2 products in the Jumpstart Program
  • Lifetime RoAS of 6
  • 100% of sales are Fulfilled by Amazon
  • 66% of sales are coming organically instead of through ads
  • 2018 Average MoM growth: 12%
  • Implemented Amazon Customs, supplementing a large direct business with printing resources already in place