Back-To-School Shopping is Changing

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These days it’s difficult to discuss anything without mentioning COVID-19. The pandemic has added an element of uncertainty to just about every facet of daily life. Case in point: with the fall semester approaching, parents and students are still unsure exactly what the upcoming school year will look like. Many schools, colleges, and universities have announced a tentative mix of e-learning and in-classroom teaching, which has changed the demand for back-to-school supplies.

Moving from 1P to 3P on Amazon: Checkmate Your Competition

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Transitioning to Seller Central is a major change that will impact both the short-term and long-term operations of your company. The good news is: 3P offers an opportunity to significantly increase not just revenue, but net profits. The bad news is: if you don’t transition strategically, it will be much more challenging to succeed on Seller Central.

The 2020 Race to $700 Billion: How COVID-19 is Redefining the Role of e-commerce

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There’s no denying COVID-19 has changed the way consumers purchase goods. Stay-at-home mandates have forced many people to shift their shopping routines to online platforms like Amazon. Now that we are more than halfway through the year, it’s becoming clearer what this could mean for the future of business: success or failure.

Channel Key Names Ryan Rollo Chief Operating Officer

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Channel Key is excited to announce that Ryan Rollo has been named Chief Operating Officer. This newly created position will help scale our agency’s rapid growth and will report directly to President, CEO, and Co-Founder Dan Brownsher. “Ryan has an impressive background of successfully leading and growing businesses in technology and e-commerce markets,” said Brownsher. [...]

Amazon Prime Day 2020

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When is Amazon Prime Day 2020? That's been the million-dollar question. Billion dollars, actually. In 2019, Prime Day generated an estimated $7.16 billion in sales over the course of 48 hours. It’s no wonder this is the most anticipated annual event for Amazon sellers and vendors.

How to Sell Personal Protective Equipment on Amazon

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Most states in the U.S. currently have some type of face-covering mandate in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Even if these are lifted, items like face masks and gloves are likely to remain popular preventive measures for the foreseeable future. Naturally, many businesses are seeking to capitalize on this increased demand by selling [...]

COVID-19 Amazon News Updates

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With the continued uncertainty around Covid-19 and with what seems to be the daily news cycle around Amazon changes, our Channel Key team is closely monitoring the effects that COVID-19 is having on the Amazon landscape and we want to make sure we keep everyone fully up-to-date on these changes to help you navigate these [...]

How to Sell Premium-Priced Products on Amazon

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When it comes to selling premium-priced products on Amazon, the market can seem a little daunting. Most Amazon customers are looking for lower prices on items they shop. However, there is a market for high-end products. Customers are willing to pay a higher price for an item that has substantial value and quality craftsmanship. Brand [...]