Client Success Story: Retail Readiness & Optimized Ad Campaigns Triple Amazon Sales

Brighter Blooms Nursery offers a wide variety of ready-to-bloom shrubs, trees, and plants for gardening enthusiasts in every part of the United States. Since launching in 2007, they have become one of the nation’s largest online gardening suppliers. Seeking to continue its growth momentum with a strong presence on Amazon, Brighter Blooms partnered with Channel Key to help drive sales growth.

The Challenge

As an online nursery, the team at Brighter Blooms understood the market potential of offering their products on the Amazon platform. After building their listings themselves, they quickly discovered that many Brighter Blooms products were underperforming despite ranking on Page 1. The challenge was to identify the root of the problem and implement a cost-effective plan that would drive traffic and sales while maintaining a high organic search ranking.

The Solution

Brighter Blooms worked with Amazon channel management agency Channel Key to customize and implement a strategy that would achieve two primary goals: 1) improve the quality of content for the company’s product listings; and 2) drive traffic that would result in higher conversion rates.

Utilizing a proprietary algorithm, Channel Key conducted an in-depth analysis to identify the best keyword opportunities by incorporating numerous critical marketplace factors including competition and search volume. After analyzing the results, Channel Key proposed a two-pronged approach designed to increase sales velocity, maintain page one organic search rankings, and increase marketplace reach by expanding into a broader search. This involved fully optimizing listings to enhance the shopping experience and increasing product visibility through aggressive Sponsored Product Ads.

Channel Key’s Optimized Marketplace Content Listing strategy included enhancing listings with keyword-focused product titles, high-quality images, descriptive bullet points, and A+ Content. In total, Channel Key created 175 optimized product listings and 56 pages of A+ Content.

To drive traffic and higher conversion rates, Channel Key executed a marketing strategy that included 113 customized campaigns focusing on four key areas: 1) Brand Protection; 2) Top Performing Keywords; 3) Category Targeting; and 4) Specific Product Targeting. To maximize performance, each campaign underwent a preliminary CPC launch followed by two weeks of monitoring and adjustments. Once the ad campaigns were fully optimized, Channel Key increased the ad budgets of the highest-performing campaigns to bolster sales and increase the total RoAS, all of which were tracked with detailed data reports.

The Result

Channel Key’s content and marketing plan for Brighter Blooms was fully implemented by the beginning of the gardening season, which typically runs from March until the first frost. In just two months, Brighter Blooms saw a dramatic increase in conversions. Year-over-Year sales from April 2019 to 2020 increased by 268%, while conversion rates increased from 3.02% to 4.94%, respectively. During the summer of 2020, Brighter Blooms experienced such high demand that they paused their Amazon account to replenish inventory. Despite this challenge, year-over sales from March 2020 to 2021 still increased by another 73%. Overall, the success of Channel Key’s Amazon Marketplace strategy more than tripled the company’s Amazon sales over the course of two years, underscoring the importance of utilizing gold standard listings and optimized advertising campaigns to drive traffic and convert sales.


Channel Key is a full-service channel management marketplace consulting agency that has helped generate nearly $500M in Amazon sales for brands around the world. Complete 360-degree services include marketplace strategies, content development, marketing and advertising, catalog management, marketplace and fulfillment setup, ongoing consulting, and much more. To learn more about how Channel Key can help increase sales for your business, contact us today for a free consultation.

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