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Over a decade of direct strategy management and successful execution on the Amazon platform with over $250B in cumulative sales.


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A focused and pro-active mindset to detail, communication, brand goals and building businesses that excel from basic operations to advanced traffic driving.


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Quarter Billion in Amazon Sales

30+ Years Marketplace Experience

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About Channel Key

When it comes to online selling, the traditional retail model doesn’t always work.

We’re solving that problem: mastering the online retail universe and ensuring integrity in the process.

We are the solution.

Channel Key is a full-service agency that helps brands and manufacturers around the globe maximize their revenue, profit and brand control potential on major e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon.

We have a full-team of Amazon experts ready to assist with your strategic approach:

Our Blog: Inside Amazon with Channel Key

Building a successful business on Amazon requires a lot of work. In addition to the company’s ever-changing protocols, there are currently 2.5 million sellers competing across all Amazon marketplaces. It’s not just a matter of being on the platform; it’s a matter of distinguishing your brand from your competition. Business owners who are serious about growing their brand on Amazon will inevitably need help. Thus, the following question always arises: should you build an internal Amazon team or partner with an agency? The right answer will depend on the size of your business, your available resources, your experience with Amazon, and – most importantly – your goals on the marketplace.

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Amazon Advertising is a robust platform for brands to target and convert both new and existing customers. As the largest and most powerful e-commerce marketplace, the retail giant is always improving and expanding its vast suite of marketing and advertising tools. Staying up to date with the latest changes can be challenging and time-consuming. As a proven and recognized Amazon agency, Channel Key receives early insight into new Amazon Advertising programs, analytics, and metrics. To help your brand stay ahead of the competition, we’ve compiled the most recent changes that impact Amazon sellers so you can focus your time and energy on what’s important – running your business.

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© Copyright 2021 ChannelKey LLC. All Rights Reserved. Privacy Policy