Accelerate Amazon Sales with Your Amazon Marketing Specialist

Many Amazon ‘agencies’ and ‘experts’ focus on a single element of marketplace growth. You may find vendors that focus exclusively on product ads, keyword and organic ranking optimization or review management. However, any approach that doesn’t holistically address every facet of your Amazon marketing leaves money on the table.

Our marketing specialist manages each element daily:


Product Jumpstarting

Each core product you add requires an initial ‘jumpstart’ to gain traction. Jumpstarting products requires data analysis, keyword-rich product pages, reviews and an Amazon ads strategy.


Sponsored Product Ads

Amazon’s Pay-Per-Click model is one of the most effective ways to drive sales and discoverability. Our carefully crafted campaigns drive traffic to your products while maintaining ROI.


Sales Accelerator

Driving initial sales to a listing can be one of the toughest obstacles to a successful launch on Amazon. Sales Accelerator has been designed to overcome this roadblock.


Marketplace and Product Analysis

Our proprietary algorithm surfaces the best product opportunities by analyzing critical marketplace factors including competition and search volume.


Display Ad Management (AMS)

Amazon’s AMS platform is a little known channel to scale your sales beyond keyword placement. Our team uses targeted yet scalable strategies to increase sales.


Promotion & Deal Management

Deals are a great way to increase sales and brand awareness. Our team advises you on how leverage promotions without hurting margin or eroding brand value.


Review Management

Our review management services allow you to rapidly gain Amazon reviews.


Store management

Our team builds branded storefronts and content to allow customers to connect with your brand


Target Search & Organic Placement Tracking

Detailed ongoing reporting allows us to manage the progress of ranking on critical keywords.