Top Ten Powerful Statistics for Amazon Sellers in 2021

Ryan Faist

Ryan Faist, Channel Key
February 28, 2023

There is no denying that online shopping is on the rise. Consulting firm McKinsey & Company concluded that e-commerce experienced ten years of growth in just three months during the peak of the pandemic. Leading this shift in how consumers shop is none other than Amazon. Over the past few years, the retail giant has expanded in just about every way imaginable – with no signs of slowing down. To highlight Amazon’s role in the future of e-commerce, we’ve compiled the ten most powerful statistics that Amazon sellers need to know in 2021.

    1. Amazon now has 200 million Prime Members worldwide.In April 2021, Jeff Bezos announced in his annual letter to shareholders that Amazon’s Prime membership program had crossed the 200 million subscriber milestone.
    2. 74% of shoppers begin their online search on Amazon.Amazon has become much more than an e-commerce marketplace. According to Jungle Scout, nearly three out of every four shoppers now begin their online shopping journey on Amazon.
    3. Amazon receives over 200 million monthly visitors.By most accounts, more than 200 million shoppers visit Amazon’s marketplace each month, making it the most heavily trafficked e-commerce site in the U.S. In September 2020 – during the peak of COVID-19 lockdowns – Statista reports that Amazon saw 2.4 billion combined mobile and desktop visits.
    4. Amazon Marketplace grew 60% in Q1 of 2021.According to Marketplace Pulse, Amazon’s retail marketplace grew an incredible 60% in the first quarter of 2021. This is the fastest growth trajectory since the company began reporting third-party seller services revenue, which grew more than 50% during each of the past four quarters.
    5. Almost 1 in 3 Americans have a Prime membership.Of Amazon’s more than 200 million Prime members worldwide, about 95 million live in the U.S. According to multiple media outlets, this means nearly one out of every three Americans is a Prime member.
    6. Amazon shoppers purchase 4,000 products per minute.There’s a reason why Amazon delivery trucks seem to be just about everywhere. People are shopping on Amazon – a lot. Oberlo reports that small and medium-sized businesses in the U.S. sell more than 4,000 items per minute on Amazon. In addition, during Prime Day 2021, Amazon stated that shoppers purchased more than 70 million small business products in 48 hours.
    7. Amazon has 1.9 million active sellers in 2021.While sources disagree on exactly how many sellers currently compete on Amazon, most estimate between 1.9 and 2.5 million active sellers. According to Marketplace Pulse, nearly 2,000 new sellers join Amazon every day.
    8. Amazon’s share of the U.S. e-commerce market is approaching 40%.Back in 2008, e-commerce sales accounted for less than 4% of retail sales in the U.S., according to eMarketer. In 2021, online sales are predicted to account for over 15% of total retail sales by the end of the year. To no surprise, Amazon is leading this shift in commerce. CNBC reports that Amazon is on track to own 40% of the U.S. e-commerce market by the end of the year.
    9. Amazon Advertising is forecast to generate $85 billion by 2026.
      Amazon’s advertising revenue now twice as big as Snap, Twitter, Roku, and Pinterest combined. According to Statista, Amazon expects to generate more than $26 billion in advertising revenue in 2021. This figure is projected to increase to $85 billion by 2026. By contrast, the retail giant reported $11 billion in ad revenue just two years ago.

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