Six Important Amazon Advertising Updates for Spring 2023

Ryan Faist

Ryan Faist, Channel Key
March 30, 2023

Staying updated on the latest Amazon marketing and advertising tools can be challenging. To help make it easier, Channel Key has compiled the most important Amazon Ads updates released in the past two months.

Update #1: Amazon Marketing Cloud Now Supports Flexible Store Visit Insights

Brands can now subscribe to Foursquare Store Visit Insights, a new paid feature in Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) that measures the impact of advertising on select brick-and-mortar stores. These insights help brands understand cross-channel shopping journeys and discern audiences with different engagement patterns both online and offline.

Currently offered as a monthly subscription, this feature enables brands to tailor their use cases based on unique business needs. Here are just a few of the ways advertisers can utilize Store Visit Insights:

  • Ad-Attributed Visits: Brands can measure brick-and-mortar site visits attributed to ads, assess what media mix led the most total engagements, and optimize their media tactics accordingly
  • Cross-Channel Journey: Advertisers can better analyze how audiences move online and offline, on and off Amazon, throughout their path to purchase, and design omnichannel strategy to best engage with their audiences
  • Audience insights: Advertisers can gain a better understanding of the audience segments with visits to particular chains versus those who prefer staying online only, see how these patterns may vary by geographic areas, and calibrate their audience outreach based on the learning


Update #2: Amazon DSP Now Offers Expanded Error Alerts

Amazon has launched expanded error alerts to help improve the way brands build campaigns on Amazon DSP. The platform will now alert brands when a line item’s settings are invalid, preventing it from delivering the budget. Brands can view error alerts on the line item settings page when they try to save a line item with incorrect settings.

Amazon DSP new alert notification.

Update #3: Omnichannel Metrics Integrates with Automated Budget Optimization in Amazon DSP (beta)

Omnichannel Metrics (OCM) now offers brands the capability to automate budget optimization for the total impact of your campaign on and off Amazon. Advertisers opted-in for budget optimization will have their budget automatically shift between line items based on omnichannel performance. This will help optimize the overall outcome of your campaign. Brands can save time spent shifting budgets manually between ad tactics by opting-in to automated budget optimization via a new Goal: “Purchases on and off Amazon,” and new Goal KPI: “Combined return on ad spend (Combined ROAS).”

Automate budget optimization screenshot.

Update #4: Shorter Campaign Minimum Run Time for Amazon Audience Guaranteed (beta)

Amazon Ads has reduced the minimum flight length of self-service Streaming TV Audience Guaranteed, Streaming TV Local Premium Reach, and Streaming TV Value Reach products from 7 days to 5 days. This updated capability is available in open beta and leverages an advertiser’s fixed cost per mille (CPM) with prioritized delivery. The update applies to advertising on Amazon Streaming TV supply sources (Freevee, Fire TV entertainment and news channels, Twitch, and third-party Streaming TV apps via Amazon Publisher Direct).

Update #5: New Step-by-Step Controls for Sponsored Brands Creative Builder

Amazon has updated the interface for its Sponsored Brands Creative Builder. The redesign simplifies the Creative Builder experience and provides a clear hierarchy that is consistent across all ad formats. The main panel shows an overall creative status, including warnings, errors, and rejections. Each field (logo, brand name, headline, etc.) has its own sub-panel that provides extra space for more content.

The redesigned creative navigation provides additional spacing in field sub-panels that features more help content, more context on what is required, and faster iterations on new and existing ad formats. Brands can easily tell which fields are complete and which need to be finished before campaign submission. Warning and error messaging placement is now consistent across ad formats for a better advertiser experience.

Step-by-Step Controls for Sponsored Brands screenshot.

Update #6: Re-Create Sponsored Display Campaigns Using the New Campaign Copy

Sponsored Display campaign copy helps users re-create Sponsored Display campaigns using a single click in the Amazon Ads console. Previously only available for Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands, this launch extends this feature to Sponsored Display campaigns using either audiences or contextual targeting. This allows  advertisers to save time by re-creating campaigns with similar settings. It also encourages experimentation with more Sponsored Display campaigns that can be copied and adjusted with small edits.

New Sponsored Display campaign creation feature screenshot.

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