An example of Amazon DSP; a closeup of an ad on the sidebar of an Amazon product page.

Amazon DSPAmazon DSPAmazon DSPAmazon DSPAmazon DSPAmazon DSP

Reach new and existing customers at scale on and off Amazon with full-funnel Amazon DSP advertising services for endemic and non-endemic brands.

Amazon DSPAmazon DSPAmazon DSPAmazon DSPAmazon DSPAmazon DSP

Leverage the most powerful DSP platform in the world to reach hyper‑targeted audiences at scale

Campaign Management

Amazon DSP is the most advanced and powerful advertising solution available to brands in any industry. Through our own DSP entity with Amazon, Channel Key maintains an entire department devoted to managing self-service DSP for brands. Whether you want to promote brand awareness, drive consideration, or increase conversions, we provide turnkey Amazon DSP campaign management.

Placement Strategy

Amazon DSP enables brands to purchase ad placements across the internet, and on its owned and operated sites. This generally results in a lower cost per mille (CPM) and higher viewability than other DSPs. Channel Key's Amazon DSP experts use exclusive insights and shopping signals to develop a strategic placement strategy and connect your brand with the most relevant audiences.

Audience Targeting

Using Amazon's vast collection of 1st-party customer data, Amazon DSP enables brands to target audiences on a granular level. This can include demographics, lifestyle choices, shopping behavior, interests, and other detailed information. Our Amazon DSP consultants leverage the most advanced audience targeting capabilities to help your brand to reach customers wherever they are.

Measurement & Optimization

Amazon DSP reporting includes industry-wide metrics and Amazon-proprietary metrics such as detail page view rate (DPVR), add to list (ATL) counts, and new-to-brand (NTB) metrics, along with reach, frequency, and viewability statistics. Our brand partners also have access to 3rd-party analytics software that offers additional insights including brand lift study and offline sales lift.

Amazon Marketing Cloud

Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) is a holistic measurement solution that helps brands perform custom analytics and generate cross-media insights. AMC provides granular visibility into how customers discover your brand and products across the entire ad funnel. AMC insights can include campaign deep-dives, media mix analyses, journey assessments, omnichannel impact, and more.

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