Amazon Q&A with Channel Key: What is Amazon’s A9 – A10 Algorithm

Amazon SEO is different from Google or Yahoo search engines. Amazon is a buying platform, so this makes it a bit more diverse in certain ways. Understanding Amazon’s search ranking algorithm is essential to becoming a successful seller on the platform. In this post, we will discuss Amazon’s A9 – A10 Algorithm, ranking factors, and main differences.     

Amazon A9 Algorithm

The goal of the Amazon Algorithm is to help consumers in product their product search. The A9 Algorithm ranks different brands and their products on the platform which provides shoppers with the most relevant results to their search. This Amazon Algorithm is the core of determining which sellers will be displayed to shoppers on the product page.

  • The Amazon Algorithm considers keywords, content, seller metrics, feedback, reviews, order defect rates, FBA, back-end and search terms.
  • The A9 Algorithm ranks products based on your sales performance history, text match relevancy, price, and stock availability.
  • There are also indirect factors that can impact your products rank on Amazon such as fulfillment method, reviews, images, premium content, advertising, and product promotions.

Amazon A10 Algorithm

  • Amazon has made updates to the A9 Algorithm known as the A10 Algorithm. The update has changed how the algorithm operates overall.
  • These new updates focus primarily on shopper behavior.
  • The main difference between the A9 and A10 Algorithm is the change in the weight of some factors.
    • Buyers are trafficked directly to what they are looking for instead of recommendations based on what others think they should be searching for.
    • Relevant and popular products stand out and competitor products are displayed belAlssow these products.

A10 Ranking Factors

  • Seller Authority
  • Impressions
  • Internal Sales
  • PPC Sales
  • CTR
  • Off-site Sales
  • Conversion Rate
  • Sales History
  • Organic Sales


The main objective of the Amazon Algorithm is to help consumers in their product search. The algorithm ranks different brands and their products on the site, providing the most relevant results to consumers. The A9 Algorithm is similar to the A10 Algorithm. The main difference between the two is the weight in ranking factors.

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