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Channel Key Marketplace Analysis

The world of e-commerce has completely transformed the way people buy and sell—and Amazon is most people’s go-to place for buying products online. Amazon accounts for 44 percent of all online sales in the United States. If you have a brand of any size selling products online, Amazon is a channel where you must have a comprehensive strategy.

The problem is, there is a lot of competition on Amazon. If you’re a business or brand that currently has an Amazon presence or that wants to start an Amazon storefront, you’re probably anxious to find the best strategy for getting your product in front of customers.

By performing a detailed Amazon Marketplace analysis, Channel Key can provide insights and a strategy to help your business boost sales and conversion rates, and also highlight opportunities for future sales and growth. We’ll give you what you need to increase your revenue year over year.

Why Do You Need an Analysis?

Channel Key provides your Amazon storefront and brand with easy-to-follow, industry-specific resources to help further develop your storefront, brand, and products on Amazon, turbo-charging your sales and revenue.

Channel Key also provides valuable insights and technical knowledge on your business’ current performance as well as how to jumpstart sales for new products, giving you what you need to improve your ROI.

man typing on keyboard sunshine
man typing on keyboard sunshine

What Do You Analyze?

An Amazon Marketplace analysis will show your current marketplace presence in terms of visibility, content, distribution and margins; competition; and even potential opportunities. This information will allow you to make more informed decisions about your Amazon storefront as well as take advantage of potential opportunities for improvement.

How Long Does the Analysis Take?

The analysis process is designed for businesses and brands with and without an Amazon presence. The Channel Key team will look at competitors as well as competitors’ products to provide businesses with a big-picture view of what opportunities are out there. The team will also run a margin analysis to show what your fee structure should look like.

For businesses that have a current presence on Amazon, the Channel Key team will review current performance and engagement, run a margin analysis, and review current product listings and content to look for optimization opportunities.

The analysis process begins with a call with the Channel Key team. After the call, the analysis is completed in just two to three days.

man typing on keyboard sunshine
man typing on keyboard sunshine

Why Choose Channel Key?

The Channel Key team is made up of Amazon Marketplace experts with years of experience and success in helping brands increase sales, ROI, and generate more revenue. The Channel Key team uses 80 percent data and 20 percent intuition to bring your business results.

So, whether you want help auditing your business’ current performance or if your business is running flat and needs a boost in sales, Channel Key has the solution.

An Amazon Marketplace analysis is FREE for users. Jump-start your sales by requesting a free analysis with Channel Key today.

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