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Defensive Strategy Helps Remove Unauthorized Resellers and Regain Brand Control

Ryan Faist

Ryan Faist, Channel Key

June 28, 2023

BiOptimizers offers healthy, high-performance supplements including herbal products, enzymes, probiotics, and fitness-enhancing solutions for becoming a biologically optimized human being. Since launching in 2004, the company has helped over 162,000 clients in 90 countries improve their health and digestion.

BiOptimizers partnered with Channel Key to manage and scale their business on Amazon. After conducting a marketplace analysis, Channel Key discovered that BiOptimizers was losing the Buy Box on listings due to Amazon resellers and unauthorized listings.

Channel Key connected BiOptimizers with VantageBP, an all-in-one solution to detecting and removing unauthorized resellers from various online marketplaces. Together, Channel Key and VantageBP developed a multi-faceted strategy designed to combat resellers, which would then enable a greater ROI on its Amazon marketing and advertising campaigns.


  • Identify Unauthorized Resellers & Listings
    Connect BiOptimizers with VantageBP to conduct a thorough audit and identify the scope of unauthorized product listings
  • Identify Seller Policy Violations & IP Infringements
    Utilize Escalated Enforcement options to submit case appropriate enforcements against unknown resellers
  • Enforce Copyright Image Theft Violations
    File image copyright complaints with eBay to compel the removal of unauthorized listings
  • Target No Resale Clause Violations from the DTC Website
    Contact resellers who purchased from the BiOptimizers website with compliance letters

Key Results

  • 75.6% online infringement close rate after 3 months
  • 151 unauthorized listings removed from Amazon
  • 96% Buy Box win for the top-selling ASIN after 4 months


Channel Key’s primary objective was to increase Amazon sales through targeted marketing and advertising campaigns. This was contingent upon BiOptimizers’ ability to win the Buy Box.

As a leader in online brand protection and IP enforcement, VantageBP developed a comprehensive approach to identify and target unauthorized resellers. Within six months, VantageBP removed 151 Amazon listings and 104 resellers from online marketplaces.

Channel Key’s partnership with VantageBP helped achieve a consistent 96% Buy Box win rate for BiOptimizers’ top-selling product, increasing daily sales by 300% and regaining control of their brand on Amazon.

Download the full Case Study as a PDF.

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