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As the largest e-commerce marketplace, Amazon is an essential sales channel for brands. Unfortunately, many never realize their true sales potential on the platform. After launching their storefront, brands often find themselves stuck in a sales plateau. The good news is there’s a simple way to take your Amazon brand to the next level of success. Your Amazon Marketplace Analysis helps identify your quickest path to more sales. This free report pinpoints your strategy’s weaknesses and offers the following actionable insights:

Share of Voice

To sell on Amazon, your target customers need to be aware of your brand and products. One of the most effective ways to assure visibility is to maintain a high share of voice. This is your ad spend divided by the total market ad spend for the same type of product or category. Your Amazon Marketplace Analysis will detail your share of voice. It will also provide opportunities to increase brand awareness and drive more traffic to your listings.

Category Market Share

It’s no secret that market share is a key indicator of a company’s competitiveness. This is especially true on Amazon. Understanding how your brand compares with your competitors helps unlock sales growth. Your free Amazon Marketplace Analysis will provide a snapshot of your brand’s market share by product and category. It will also include a detailed report of your competitors’ market share to identify realistic growth targets.

Growth Opportunity

Amazon is a robust marketplace that offers powerful tools for growth.  For example, are you using Amazon’s New-To-Brand Metrics to reach new customers? Are you missing out on high-volume search terms? Are any of your products good candidates for the Subscribe & Save program? Your Amazon Marketplace Analysis will identify opportunities to attract new customers and grow.

Profitability Analysis

If you’re not careful, selling on Amazon can shrink your profit margin. Referral, storage, fulfillment, and advertising costs can add up. Knowing your profit potential on various products is essential to creating a scalable Amazon business. Your free Amazon Marketplace Analysis will examine these areas. It will also examine your competitors to provide important insights about how to maximize profit.

Advertising Spend Forecast

There is a reason why Amazon’s advertising business generates $7 billion a quarter. Amazon is a pay-to-play marketplace – and it’s becoming more competitive by the day. Knowing how much advertising budget you will need to reach your sales goals is critical. These forecasts will often vary from product to product. Your free report will include a detailed advertising forecast to help you become more competitive.

Account Audit

Amazon is complex, compliance-driven, and ever-changing. An honest mistake can lead to inventory delays and even account suspensions. This can halt sales and sending your team scrambling to troubleshoot the issues. It’s important to follow Amazon’s terms, policies, and applicable laws. Your Amazon Marketplace Analysis includes an examination of your account health to identify any risks.

Content Audit

The way you present your products influences a customer’s decision. Shoppers cannot inspect items on Amazon the way they can in brick-and-mortar stores. Instead, they have only the information you provide them. The quality of these details can and does make or break a sale. Your Amazon Marketplace Analysis provides a review of your product listings to identify ways to improve. This can have an immediate impact on organic traffic and conversions.


As an Acknowledged Amazon Partner, Channel Key manages more than $60 million in GMV each year. Many of our clients have grown from a four-figure Amazon business to nine figures. On a platform with more than 200 million monthly shoppers, your brand has the same growth opportunity. Click below to get started with your free Amazon Marketplace Analysis.



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