Project Description

Brian Martinez

Director of Client Strategy

As Director of Client Strategy, Brian is responsible for the development and execution of our service to clients. He is the ultimate Amazon guru, driving Channel Key content and marketing strategies as well as developing solutions to the most complex of challenges for Brands selling within the Amazon ecosystem. Brian’s other duties include delivering new Amazon programs, building technology to support our proprietary processes, and identifying opportunities within key client business intelligence reporting.

Before Channel Key:

In 2013, he found his passion for e-commerce as the Operations Supervisor for an eBay startup that would lead him to join the Trend Nation team in 2015. At Trend Nation Brian helped develop programs and strategies that added efficiencies while improving ROI for the Marketing and Content departments. Over the course of 2 years, he also developed strong technical and analytical skills by aiding the technology team with system cleanup and new setups.

Schooling and Personal Tidbits:

Brian spent time studying Accounting with a specialty in tax prior to finding his true passion in e-commerce. Outside of Channel Key, he enjoys spending time at the pool with his wife and 3 boys. When he’s not being chased around the house or at the pool you can find him at the local golf course, gym, or cheering on the Indianapolis Colts and Las Vegas Golden Knights.

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