Project Description

Ryan Rollo

Chief Operating Officer

As Channel Key’s Chief Operating Officer, Ryan is responsible for operational excellence, developing and executing business strategy, building and inspiring our teams, and ensuring clients achieve incredible results. Ryan works cross-functionally to integrate service, sales, finance, HR, business development, and strategic partnerships to position the organization for success. Ryan is passionate about molding and developing solutions that help brands and retailers achieve and surpass their digital objectives.

Before Channel Key:

Before joining Channel Key, Ryan led catalog growth and was part of the marketplace launch strategy team at Loblaw Digital, the technology division of Canada’s largest retailer. His role at Loblaw developed from acquisition of Ryan’s previous company,, and PF Tech, a retail marketplace, and marketplace technology SaaS company. There, Ryan served as VP of Operations, among numerous other roles over 10 years. At Pricefalls, he worked with 1000’s of online retailers and D2C brands and helped the company to raise multi-million dollar capital rounds, culminating in a successful transition of the business into a larger organization as part of the acquisition.

Schooling and Personal Tidbits:

Ryan earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Bates College in 2009. His senior year thesis was published in 2012, and while he takes pride in its publishing, he has maintained it to be his first, only, and last chemistry research article.

Ryan’s entrepreneurial spirit brought him to Las Vegas, wherein 2013 earned his MBA from Lee Business School, UNLV, specializing in New Venture Management. Ryan was a decorated ice hockey goalie at club level but now enjoys Golf and Tennis.

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