What is your growth potential on Amazon?

Amazon Marketing & Listing Optimization Tips

6 Hacks to Improve Your Amazon Customer Experience for the Holidays

It’s 2019 and we’re living in the digital age. Online retailers are feeling the motivation to take advantage of not only traffic but also all the sales and revenue opportunities. This means that your customers are interacting with your business through the web and Amazon is dominating the online marketplace. Amazon is a customer-focused platform

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2019 Year in Review: Advertising on Amazon Update

According to Marketplace Pulse, some brands believe increasing advertising on Amazon, and other shopping platforms is a detriment to the consumer experience as product search has little room left for the most relevant, organic results and cost-per-click (CPC) on Amazon is perpetually rising, forcing brands to increase product prices or reduce profits. Last year Amazon

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Improving Your Amazon Seller Experience

Marketing products and selling on Amazon can be challenging at times and is very different from advertising products from your own website. Here at Channel Key, we are dedicated to helping your business grow on Amazon and we are here to help. Today we will be answering a question that we have seen floating around

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Amazon Sponsored Display Ads

Amazon Launches New Sponsored Display Ads On September 12th Amazon announced the launch of Sponsored Display! This is a new self-service advertising solution that helps you grow your business! Here’s what you need to know! Sponsored display grows your business by reaching relevant audiences on and off the Amazon marketplace. This new self-service feature is

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Selling on Amazon – Opportunities and Obstacles

If you want increased exposure for your products, selling on Amazon may be the solution that you need for your brand. Do you want to expand your online presence beyond your store and start selling your products on Amazon? Amazon accounts for 44 percent of all online sales in the United States. If you have

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Will Amazon’s Hands-Free Pricing Tool Drive Real Sales for You?

Amazon’s betting there are a lot more passengers than drivers in the U.S. today. At least that’s how it looks with the just-announced launch of Sold by Amazon, the company’s new service that guarantees sellers a minimum payout on sales in exchange for Amazon taking full control of price setting for a company’s or brand’s

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Prime Day’s Done-Now What?

If you’re like many brands and businesses right now, you’re probably taking a moment to relax and catch your breath after months of strategizing and preparation for Prime Day, the largest online retail day of the year so far. But before you either put up your feet or switch gears to Q3/Q4 programs and plans,

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Priming the Pump…for Prime Day

Simple Strategies for Maximizing Your Returns Prime Day is upon us. The single biggest e-commerce event of the year so far on the single biggest e-commerce platform in the United States to date. So no pressure, then. Actually, yes, lots of pressure – and with good reason. Prime Day sales in 2018 exceeded $4 billion,

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More Warning Signs For Amazon Small Vendors-Speculation Mounts

Two months ago Amazon caused a tidal wave of concern and endless questions from small vendors when the e-commerce giant canceled weekly purchase orders from small vendors across the board with no notice. The directive was clear: smaller sellers needed to move to Amazon’s third-party marketplace and manage their own direct to consumer sales themselves.

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