Transform your Amazon performance with Operations Analytics

Managing an Amazon business can be quite challenging. Amazon’s business model requires a strenuous level of daily management. Typical challenges Amazon businesses face include:

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6 core elements of Your Amazon operations analytics:


Inventory Planning and forecasting

Amazon inventory planning is quite complex. You can get the data to forecast what you will sell and how to balance what you carry in stock vs what you send to Amazon. However, managing the flood of data from multiple sources can be quite challenging. Our proprietary technology and processes have solved this challenge, selling over $250 million on Amazon.​


Amazon Answers Maintenance

Amazon Answers is an FAQ section that resides on each Amazon Detail Page. Some products can literally have dozens, if not hundreds, of questions from interested shoppers. The response and answers to these are critical to maintaining a high-converting Amazon Detail Page. Our team responds to Amazon Answers with high efficiency, for your entire assortment.


Order Management

Did you discover that passing orders from system to system is taking up far too much time with your team? We review orders on a daily basis to ensure orders are processed perfectly. This includes FBA and FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) as well as overseeing returns and any other order issues. We will send FBM orders directly to your company or any 3PL you desire. Now, you can breathe, and focus on your core business opportunities.


Build Feedback Faster

The average Sales to Feedback ratio at Amazon is between 1-2%. When effectively and properly managed, this can be increased by up to 3x that ratio, which can have a dramatic impact on sales. We request feedback on your behalf for every order to continue building Seller and Product Reviews.


FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) Strategy

FBA is a key element of any Amazon strategy. In essence, you place inventory on consignment to Amazon for the fulfillment of your orders on the Amazon Marketplace. Amazon charges fees for Commissions, Pick-Pack-Ship, as well as Storage (by Cubic Feet x Time). FBA inventory also has the significant value of reaching the estimated 80MM Prime customers.


Manage Your Amazon Reviews

Neutral and negative seller and product reviews have a negative effect on your sell through and Buy Box percentage. As part of our offering, Channel Key will scrub your reviews looking for any negative or neutral reviews that are in violation of Amazon’s terms of service. In most cases we can open cases with Amazon to have these removed from your account.