Why You Should Start Selling On Amazon

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Key Amazon Sales Statistics

Amazon is dominating Retail

  • There’s approximately 105 Million Prime shoppers representing 62% of all Amazon purchases
  • Over 81% of all product searches now originate on Amazon
  • Over 564 Million products are available in the Amazon catalogue
  • Amazon B to B sales estimated at 25 Billion by 2021
  • Estimated to be the world’s largest retailer by 2021
    • 82% of online shoppers will navigate through Amazon prior to making purchase decisions
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Now What?

You’re probably asking yourself some of these questions…..

  • How can I create a profitable Amazon business?
  • What is my Amazon sales potential?
  • Can I find someone to help me manage my 1st & 3rd Party Seller accounts?
  • What will it cost to execute at a high level?
  • Can I do it myself or should I outsource to experts like Channel Key? 
  • Can I get my products into Amazon Prime?
  • How do I get the most out of Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)?
  • How do I launch new products?
  • How do I make sure my account doesn’t get suspended?
  • How much volume is my competition doing?
  • How can I win the Amazon Buy Box?

The List goes on.   Channel Key can help you answer these questions and more….